The Easy Feeder - A remote controlled birdfeeder helper

Replacement or Refund  Policy

Upon receiving your order, kindly inspect the items. If you find any defects, damage, or receive the wrong item, please contact us immediately.

This will allow us to promptly address the issue and ensure a resolution. We offer a 30-day return policy, allowing you 30 days from the receipt of your item to request a return.

After reviewing your request for return, we will provide a return shipping label along with detailed instructions on where and how to send your package back to us.

Please note that items sent back without prior return authorization will not be accepted. 

Retailer’s Limited Warranty
The warranty on the components is for one year from the date of purchase.

The warranty applies to the original homeowner purchasing and installing of The Easy Feeder, subsequent homeowners are not covered.

The Easy Feeder company does not install or service installations of The Easy Feeder. Replacement or refund is provided per the Replacement and Refund Policy below.

Replacement or refund will be considered if the item is returned in the time period specified in the Policy and if the item was installed per the instructions provided with The Easy Feeder.

A Delightful Solution for Bird Enthusiasts!
With our release of The Easy Feeder, we believe in combining whimsy with practicality to offer you a unique bird feeding experience that reflects a passion for avian companionship. After all, who wouldn't want to cherish the beauty of feeding and observing birds every day?

Our journey began with a common challenge—squirrels incessantly raiding bird feeders. We envisioned a solution that would make bird feeding a breeze, effortlessly keep squirrels at bay, and ensure the bird feeder remains intact.

We began testing solutions. We started by suspending the feeder on a backyard cable. In a stroke of creativity, we modified a remote-controlled car, originally belonging to my son, to shuttle the feeder between the yard and our home for easy refilling. The result was a seamless and efficient bird feeding experience bringing the bird feeder right to the doorstep with the touch of a button, regardless of the weather conditions. The Easy Feeder was born.

We're delighted to partner with Primary Manufacturing to bring this innovative product to life. The Easy Feeder ensures that people of all ages can relish the joy of bird feeding, regardless of the elements or the squirrel population. We're confident you'll appreciate the convenience and pleasure it offers. As fellow bird enthusiasts, we understand the joy and connection that feeding birds can bring to your life.
 Warm regards,

Scott Trantina
Inventor - The Easy Feeder,
Your Bird Feeding Companion

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